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G A U R A N G A   H E A L I N G
Experience the Gauranga Miracle
International Headquarters Gauranga Healing          6016 University Ave  Des Moines,            IA  50311  USA          (515) 255 9230
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Gauranga Healing comes from the domain of the Supreme
Divine Being. It is not bound by time and space and it
provides instant results. Wherever you are and whatever
condition you are in we will sincerely help you through the
process of Gauranga Healing. It's our gift to the world. It's
free. Absolutely no strings attached.

If you or somebody you know needs healing, please fill
out the form to the left. Every day Gauranga Healers from
around the world log in to the
member area of this site to
see who needs help. If you are on the list you are
included in the Gauranga Healing process.

Only your first name is needed. Optionally you can
describe briefly about your illness or problem that needs
healing. We would be happy to learn about the results of
your healing experiences via the same form to the left or
you can email:

May the blessings of the Supreme Divine Being always be
upon you!
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